Joking around that you are a stalker has to be done very very delicately as there is a razor thin line between being funny and being creepy.  Even more so with a celebrity, especially one that actually has been stalked. Unfortunately for New Zealand “journalist/humorist” James McOnie, he seems to have jumped his way over to the creepy side of the line this weekend with tennis superstar Maria Sharapova.

McOnie ran into Sharapova this weekend and she recognized him from a prior event when this dialogue took place:

In Melbourne on Saturday, he asked if she frequented a club for “hot Russians” with compatriot Anna Kournikova, the Australian Associated Press reported.

Sharapova recognized him on that occasion and said: “You’re the guy from New Zealand, huh? Oh, God, you’re stalking me!”

“It’s not stalking if you love someone,” McOnie replied jokingly, to which Sharapova offered: “It can be slightly, trust me.”

Ewww.  Yeah, awkward.  Not funny.  Kinda creepy.  Probably should’ve just stopped at the initial not funny “hot Russian club” joke.  He only made things far worse by continuing to talk.  Sadly, even after all that, the guy couldn’t help but to make himself look even creepier.

So we fast forward a couple days. Clearly the only way for him to either make things right or keep the unfunny celebrity stalker joke going is to show up with a sign that reads “I AM NOT A STALKER”.  Awesome move guy!  Certainly this is super funny and, after all that has already happened, she will finally get the joke!!  Am I right?  AM I RIGHT??

Nope, not right.  Sharapova said this upon seeing the sign

“I don’t know why you’re here today. That shouldn’t have happened.”

Its a fine line man, a fine line.

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