Seems like Santonio Holmes isn’t going to get off the hook as easily as he thought.  After previously not cooperating with authorities, Holmes’ accuser Anshonae Mills told police Wednesday that she now wants him charged with throwing a glass at her and cutting her face all because of some beef over a seat in a VIP lounge.  She is also suing Holmes in civil court for assault & battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress for an amount in excess of  $15,000.  Seems like that was worth it, eh Santonio?

This has been quite the offseason for the Steelers, you’ve got their starting quarterback facing sexual assault charges stemming from some incident in a college bar and now their #2 wide receiver is  facing assault and battery charges from some VIP clubbin.  After these past few years of Steelers gettin in legal trouble, The Deuce now asks the question…who will be the next Steeler to get accused of a crime?  Lets take a look at some arbitrary odds that I have just created right now, purely for entertainment purposes.

Jeff Reed 1 to 2

This guy is a walking disaster.  Not only does he not mind dubious photos of himself to get released onto the Internet but he was arrested twice last year for crimes that involved alcohol.  This guy is a drunk and has got to be the odds on favorite to get nicked next.

James Harrison 4 to 1

He was arrested back in 08 for assault, so he’s shown the propensity to commit violence to people on and off the field of play.  He’s gotta have a decent shot at winning this bet, but his lack of being a total drunken ass in public put’s him behind the Jeffmeister.

Santonio Holmes…AGAIN  8 to 1

I mean, this guy is a notorious pot user and he’s currently got a bad combination of a ton of stress bearing down on him and a lot people keeping their eyes on him to make sure he doesn’t get into anymore trouble.  The second this guy smokes up to relieve the stress Johnny Law is coming to knock on his door to make him put it out.

Matt Spaeth 15 to 1

He was Jeff Reed’s partner in crime during one of Reed’s two arrests in 2009, I mean ya cant let a guy drink alone, right?  Spaeth got caught for public urination outside of the stadium.  Odds are he won’t get arrested again but you and I know its not the first time he’s taken a leak outside a bar and it won’t be his last.

Larry Foote 50 to 1

Foote was involved in a custody battle of a son he didn’t know existed back in 2006 and there’s been no trouble since he won that case. Foote’s always been a great guy, but ya never know when family and especially one’s children are concerned. Emotions run high, could be a powder-keg ready to explode.

Troy Polamalu 100 to 1

I mean, no one thought Marvin Harrison could ever get in trouble with the law, right?  I mean, technically he didnt, but if Harrison could have some sketchy situation with someone getting gunned down and it might be because of him, then certainly something equally as sketchy could happen to Polamalu.  Anyone who hits that hard on the field has got to have some unresolved anger issues or some dark dark secrets fighting to get out.  Ya can’t count it out is all I’m sayin.

“The Field” 10 to 1

We’re no dummies, there’s a lot of crazy people on football teams and we’ve just named 6 people on a 50+ man roster. This might be the safest bet of them all.

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