Say what you will about the game of soccer. I have yet to see fans of any other professional sport bring inventiveness, passion and idiocy the way soccer fans do every week. Note the complete lack of creativity from football fans from bullshit signs sucking off ESPN or whatever network is broadcasting a game to weak chants such as “De-fense!” or “Charge!”. Basketball and baseball fans have to be told when to cheer by stadium and arena announcers or a scoreboard. Music has to be pumped in during play to cover up the lack of crowd involvement. How many times have you been at or watched an NBA game and been able to hear conversations in the stands or hear a pin drop? It’s almost like being at a recital. Good thing soccer fans pick up the slack.

Dateline England. Conference side Histon took and defeated Division two and one-time Champions League semifinalists Leeds United in an early FA Cup match. For the uninitiated, the Conference is the equivalent of semi-pro soccer in England. Imagine a semi-pro baseball team beating a team that used to be in the majors but is now languishing in AA and still draws supporters as though they still in the majors. The winning goal was scoring by a Histon player who is a postman by day. God bless relegation.

Even at this level, fans and players bring it. ITV is reeling after being subjected to a battering that would have driven Keith Martin and the FCC to insanity. The picture above shows Histon players celebrating their momentous win. What it doesn’t show is the player who appeared fully naked and dancing in front of TV cameras filming the celebration.

Leeds may have lost the match but their fans did them proud. I guess it’s true that a pig find a truffle every once in a while. A stray pitch microphone was hijacked by the fans who didn’t hesitate to let viewers know what they thought about ITV. NSFW language at end of video.

A sound engineer managed to cut the sound by not before Leeds fans made it clear that they were not fans of ITV. American team support is stuck in the 50s like Bollywood movies. Step your game up, America.

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