This might just be the coolest thing I’ve seen all year. Auto racing is for wimps, rocket racing is for real men. The Rocket Racing League yesterday displayed its prototype “formula one” rocket powered aircraft that will be the vehicle the league will use to run its races. That is freakin cool.

How does one race rocket planes you ask? Well the planes will fly through a three dimensional course that shows up in the HUD (heads up display) of the pilots, and i assume on monitors for people on the ground. Think of it like that old nintendo video game Star Fox, only in real life…and without the dumbass animals talking to you the whole time.

If you want to watch an example of the racing, watch this video

Its about time that someone does something cool like this. I have never gotten into NASCAR or INDY or F1 racing at all, seemed too boring to me watching cars go around circles or closed loops, but this…this is different. It could be like watching a race scene out of a bad star wars movie in real life, only much better because that bastard Jar Jar Binks isn’t shucking and jiving all over the place. The only question is, which ESPN channel with this be on…or has Versus found something else to add to its programming besides the NHL?

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