If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Words to live by if you’re International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Jacques Rogge.

Athletes can be expelled from the Beijing Games if they display Tibetan flags at Olympic venues including their rooms. Rogge said that participants are free to express their political views but would face “sanctions” if they engage in propaganda. Whatever, dude.

The IOC can’t define propaganda for the competitors so they won’t have any idea if they are engaging in propaganda. The Chinese would consider almost any political view not in line with theirs propaganda. Consider their response to Rogge’s request that they respect human rights.

Mr Rogge’s call for Beijing to abide by its promise to address human rights was given short shrift by Beijing, which bluntly told him to keep politics out of the Games.

How did we become China’s bitches? Of course they already have America’s monetary balls in a vice grip but it’s like the rest of the world has lost its sack. Somehow the Chinese have got other countries including the US thwarting protesters and doing their dirty work. Are the Olympics so important that countries who claim to stand for human rights, sponsors and athletes are willing to stand by and act as though nothing is going on when people are being repressed? Of course, the answer is yes.

Be honest with yourself. If you’re not participating in the Olympics or related to someone who is competing, the Games aren’t that important. Maybe they are if you’re from somewhere like the Central African Republic, Bangladesh or Zamunda. NBC and corporate sponsors may shove them down our throats and we may take it like champs but would you really miss them if they weren’t around? Besides a few great moments, do you remember anything about past games? Do you reminisce and talk about how you can’t wait until the next Winter or Summer Olympics? If you said yes, you’re lying. The only time Carl Lewis comes up these days is when you’re talking about this hotness or his acting chops (Foul language warning).

The Olympics do have some redeeming value but they don’t rise above all other considerations. It may have seemed like a wise political move but the idea that giving in to the Chinese government would make them respect human rights was and is absurd. They don’t roll like that.

Things will get worse (more annoying at the least) as we get closer to the opening ceremonies. The IOC and participating countries shouldn’t feign shock and surprise when things blow up in their faces. This crisis was foreseeable. Maybe we can burn some more doves (start at 4:50) during the opening ceremonies. It’ll be applicable this time.

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