Pacman Jones is being looked into for his possible involvement with a shooting in Las Vegas over the NBA All-Star weekend. Apparently, Sports by Brooks says, Pac rolled up to a strip club called Minxx with a GLAD BAG full of $1 bills, which the Deuce is apt to do anytime we roll up to Camelot or Scores. He then apparently was throwing dollar bills into the air and at strippers and “making it rain” around them. Hey, we can understand this course of action, gotta make ‘dem ho’s work for that green! Strippers then started fighting for the money, as strippers are apt to do we hear, and the owner shut the lights off to stop the fighting…which then lead to anarchy.

As we all know, when the lights go off in a strip club, its time to shoot some fucking guns off. Its a time honored tradition in fact. Unfortunately, this time, 3 people got injured in the rukus…critically. Whoops, not good.

Pacman is no stranger to brushes with the law, and there is no real evidence at this point showing that he did anything more than attempt to put a few “lovely” ladies through college one dollar bill at a time, but his association with those who may be the actual shooters has labeled Pac as “a person of interest” with made the Las Vegas Police want to question him. The Titans are hoping and praying he is more Ray Lewis than Rae Carruth in this matter, for his sake and theirs.

In light of these new events, the Deuce thinks its high time for Adam Jones to rethink his nickname. No longer should he be named Pacman. He should be Adam “2pacman” Jones. Yeahee-YEAHEE!

No man with this many brushes with the law involving massive amounts of drugs and ammunition should be stuck with the weak-ass name of some yellow mouth running from ghosts. 2Pacman don’t fuckin’ play no games! 2Pacman eats bullets not dots! 2pacman runs from cops and ho’s not fuckin’ fake-ass ghosts! Believe that!

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