Some sports fans are happy with an autograph on a program while others want bats or uniforms. Those things are old and busted. The new hotness is reserved for those with a bloodlust for the finer things in life. Allow us to introduce you to the new hotness. Athlete blood.

Kraken Opus is a “high-end publishing house” that caters to wealthy clientele. They are one of a “handful…that are pushing the boundaries of extravagance and novelty in the luxury book market”. A book that contains a piece of the moon? $112,500 please. A book on Muhammad Ali? Only $7500. How about a book in which the pages contain the blood of a famous athlete? A mere $75,000.

Luxury publisher Kraken Opus mixed in a pint of Mr. Tendulkar’s blood with paper pulp to create the signature page for a book celebrating the renowned batsman’s career. The 10 limited-edition copies, which comes out in February, cost $75,000 each and have already sold out.

What the hell? A wall shark tank is a worthy purchase. A platinum tank looks reasonable when placed next to a pint of a famous athlete’s blood. “I want this just because I can have it.” What kind of person thinks athlete blood when acquiring sports memorabilia? Maybe Jesse Jackson.

Maybe we should think about this as an expensive blood drive. All parties are willing so there’s no subterfuge or foul play a la Fred Lane or Steve McNair. However one has to wonder where and how far collectors will go. Could we see someone actually get a brain or whole body when a famous athlete passes away? It’s not too hard to imagine fanatics going for body parts. How about everyone stick with jocking people younger than you for autographs and the occasional lock of hair if it’s within reach? Cool? Cool.

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