I saw this picture of Jerry Tarkanian and Larry Johnson together as UNLV beat #12 BYU over the weekend and I had a massive flashback to 1990 and 1991.  Those were fantastic college basketball years.  How much would you pay to see Larry Johnson, Greg Anthony, Stacey Augmon, Anderson Hunt and Jerry Tarkanian barnstorm around like the Globetrotters?  I might pay 20 bucks if LJ runs around in his Grandmama wig and dress the whole time.  Neverthless, it is cool to see these guys again, and actually hanging out together.  I don’t have any idea why I think its fascinating…it just is.

Oh wait, do you remember Grandmama? If you do, then you remember  how damn solid those commercials were.  Converse made some BANK with that action.  Since we’re talking about Larry Johnson and Grandmama, lets flashback, to a few of those commericals, shall we?

And for those truly dedicated, here’s a family matters episode starring Grandmama! I’ve started it right where LJ makes his first appearence but you can rewind it if you want. Here’s part I

Part II

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