Now there’s a butt you can set your watch to!

Nothing like a tattoo disgracing the name of Johnny U (Unitas, not Utah) to bring us back from hiatus. It’s bad enough that Payton Manning tried to co-opt the legacy of the Baltimore Colts by wearing #19 on his shoes when he died. This was in spite of the fact that Unitas wanted nothing to do with the Indianapolis franchise like most others from Baltimore including yours truly.

Maybe Unitas would have appreciated the tattoo. Any man that marries a woman an hour after getting divorced from his previous wife would certainly have no problem with throwing it in her butt. His ex must have been picking divorce papers out of her ass for a while. Art Schlichter would definitely throw it in her butt for some poker chips and a tip on the 6th race at Pimlico. Mike Pagel could try to throw it in her butt but everyone knows that’s going back for a quick six in Raul Allegre. Squat! Squat!

Link: Ugliest Tattoos

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