Poor Brady Quinn. He just can’t stop the rain of gay rumors. He certainly does himself no favors when he rocks it like this and this. He finally decided to fight back against The Others since he can’t hold himself back.

TMZ has learned that a dating site has been using Brady’s image for months in M4M ads.

A rep for the Cleveland Browns tells us Brady had no knowledge of the ad saying, “He was not involved in posting photos.”

Brady’s lawyer has already taken action and has sent a cease and desist letter to the website today, demanding all photos of him be removed ASAP.

Interesting denial by the Cleveland rep. Brady also claims that he’s straight. We can’t wait until he holds a press conference to announce his heterosexuality. That always works. Just ask Mike Piazza. Oh wait, what’s that about him and Sam Champion? Never mind.

Maybe Brady should take some advice from Al Reynolds. An off the cuff presser isn’t the move. You need to go with someone sympathetic like an off-brand entertainment reporter who probably hawks Colonblow on those infomercials you always see after getting home pissy drunk off of Henny and skunk at 4 AM.

If Brady really wants to prove he likes vagina, he should keep taking pictures of himself grabbing packages, leave his picture on the dating site and start answering ads directed to him. A couple dates wouldn’t hurt. He might as well even give a couple handjobs just to show how secure he is in his heteronesses. All denials do is make people more suspicious. We don’t want a suspicious Kellen Winslow. Our favorite soldier might crash his douche rocket again and no one wants that.

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