One Remote To Rule Them All, One Remote To Find Them, One Remote To Bring Them All And In The Darkness Bind Them!

This might be the most badass remote control ever made, it is the ESPN “Ultimate Remote Control”. This sucker connects via wi-fi to get you program guides, sports scores, play-by-play, as well as team and player stats. If you were even a sucker of gigantic proportions and bought into ESPN’s fantasy leagues, you could check your fantasy scores from this. Not enough? Well you can also check news, weather, tv listings, and personalized program guides too. Still not enough? Well, the remote also allows you to text to mobile phones, email or other ESPN remotes so you can talk smack during the game while never having to put down the clicker.

Lordy, I hope this thing comes with a charger because it’s going to be sucking down some serious batteries when being used to its full extent. I can easily see myself watching one football game, checking the results of another game on the remote, then texting several people when my team scores a touchdown and then having this behemoth die on me after about 20 minutes of constant use. In a word though, this thing is sick…and a little steep at $299, but ya know, one good trip to Vegas can score enough cash for this sucker (in theory that is).

Looks like they took what little technology they had in their ESPN Mobile phones and turned it into what people really want…a remote control to rule all the other remotes all while doing what remote controls are supposed to do, make your life easier. No longer will you have to sit in front of the television with your laptop in your lap, a cell phone in one hand and the remote in the other. No, those days are long gone with this as it is all you need. One remote to rule them all, one remote to find them, one remote to bring them all…ya know the rest.

Get the ESPN “Ultimate Remote Control” here on Amazon

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