Was Drew Carey wrong to put pressure on Cleveland to rock? Maybe Cleveland wants LeBron James to leave so things can get back to normal. Maybe he’s just a little more awesome than they’re used to having in Cleveland. Maybe they just want to go back to the good old days of getting emasculated by Michael Jordan and John Elway and having a river that catches fire once in a while. What other reason could there be for going after Allan Houston?

Ohio.com reports Cavs team sources as saying the team is interested in signing Allan Houston. He says his knee is feeling better and he “hopes to play this season”. I’m sure Roy Tarpley and Ralph Sampson hope they do too. The Magic had Grant Hill and look how long it took him to make it through a season.

The Cavs managed to hide their negatives during their Eastern Conference run but they were on full display during the finals when the Spurs beat them like a rented mule. Even if Houston can stay healthy, he’s older and probably has less mobility. Is this how they intend to build around LeBron. Do they really think they’re going to make it back to the finals with LeBron and his sidekick SuperGimp? It seemed at times that LeBron was playing 1 on 5 during the season and the playoffs. He better hope this doesn’t turn into a Kevin Garnett situation.

Then again I’m probably making a big deal out of nothing. The Cavs should just give Houston a huge Knicks-sized contract. They should also move Ilgauskus and sign Oliver Miller while they’re at it. OHIO!

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