Oregon High School Dunk Brings The House Down

Well, figure of speech really.  This kid Andy Avgi from Putnam High School is a 6’6″, 220lbs terror and he took a fast break and stopped the game with one mighty dunk…because he broke the backboard.  Sadly the team went on to lose the game and no one really cares about Putnam High School in Oregon but still watch the dunk if only because since the NBA discovered shatterproof glass, there haven’t been many backboard breaking dunks out there lately.

From NY Daily News

Soccer And Women Fighting? Yes Please

We like to keep it highbrow here at the Deuce. Diamond-encrusted monocle and ascot style is how we roll. Never mind our name. In spite of that, there’s always room for an exception. Women’s soccer fights always qualify. Watch Oregon’s Mercedes Walters hand out a beatdown to Oklahoma State’s Kyndall Treadwell.

Mercedes Walters is no Elizabeth Lambert but we salute her vigor anyway. It’s good to see someone pick up where LaGarrette Blount left off. Quack quack.