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An alarming trend is increasing in English soccer. We’re not talking about roasting. That goes back to the days of the Magna Carta. We’re talking about players getting on the mic and thinking they have skills. We last brought you the manatee-ish warblings of Cristiano Ronaldo covering Julio Igelsias. Don’t worry, Man U fans. You still have Rio Ferdinand. He may be shit on the pitch lately but at least his skills on the mic haven’t faltered … Um never mind.

Fergie should bench him for this abomination. Never mind his crap form for United.

Speaking of Ronaldo, we can’t leave you without letting you know about his new collaboration. The Portuguese walrus of love is reportedly collaborating with Joe Jackson to put an end to George Foreman’s reign as the king of grills. The two are teaming up to release a line of grills shaped like soccer balls called “Goalie Grills”.

If there’s anyone who knows how to work a grill, it’s the guy pictured above. You know I could go with the boxer but I’m gonna go with the effeminate soccer player with the short shorts and pink shirt. Hopefully the grill plays his new jam whenever it’s opened. How long until your guests find a way to impale you with a spatula or spork?

Joe Jackson is claiming this story is true so it’s probably not since we haven’t heard from the tikka-tinged one. If this project is legit, it’ll end with Joe beating Ronaldo to a pulp. “Always be selling, fancy boy!” Tito will be in the corner crying, “That’s what daddy did to Michael when he took my syrup! Mama, make him stop!” while Katherine screams, “Joe, stop beatin’ that girl! Joe, stop beatin’ that girl!”*

Link: TMZ

*Remember when Martin Lawrence used to be funny (language NSFW) Probably not.

Cristiano Ronaldo Is Your New Walrus Of Love

Douche Unlimited is the new Love Unlimited. If you’ve been waiting for one more reason to hate on Cristiano Ronaldo, your wait is over. You’ve seen him dive on the pitch like the Kursk. Now witness his musical dive as he covers Julio Iglesias’ Amor Mio.

Amor Mio is just one of the songs that Ronaldo agreed to cover as part of an advertising campaign for Portuguese bank Banco Espírito Santo. They apparently also trample Barry White’s legacy in the name of more deposits. If you hear about Sea World walruses losing their shit in the next couple weeks, you’ll know why. Expect human collateral damage. No one disrespects the Walrus of Love and gets away with it.

Link: NME

Carl Lewis Has Things To Say

I know everyone was waiting with baited breath about what former world champion sprinter Carl Lewis had to say about the man/woman runner Caster Semenya, well wait no futher. Carl weighs in on the issue and lays all blame at the South African Federation for allowing her to run in the first place.

Yeeeeaaaah…personally, I like it better when Carl isnt talking and is singing. Who doesn’t remember this classic?

Or this gem?

Or when he attempted the national anthem?

Ahh, great moments in Carl Lewis singing history. Wait, Mustafa wont let me rest unless I link this great moment in Carl Lewis acting history, NSFW language there. Can your Thursday get any better?

It’s not too long ago that Manny Pacquiao was beating Oscar de la Hoya like he owned him. Most think he beat Goldie down for the money but there might have been something else behind it. There’s more to Pacquiao than meets the eye and the two are more similar than one might think.

Pacquiao, who is immensely popular back in The Philippines, is a bit of a showman and a potential future president**. He named his daughter Queen Elizabeth and attempted to seek her approval in person when in England promoting his May 2 fight against Ricky Hatton.

In addition to giving his kid a stupid name, Pacquiao has a one-man 70s style variety show as well as a music career that would make de la Hoya jealous. You might remember Goldie’s attempt at a music career. Here’s a reminder in English and Spanish in case you didn’t know or tried to forget. Manny is not impressed.

Let’s hope that pictures of Pacquiao in fishnets turn up on the internets soon so he can complete his Single White Female eclipse of de la Hoya. Maybe he’ll even take the wife and Golden Boy Productions like when James Woods stole Peter Griffin’s life.

** Freddie Roach could also be president of the Philippines. He polls a close second in popularity behind Pacquiao.

Where is Right Said Fred when you need them? Former French international Youri Djorkaeff obviously misses them. That has to be the only excuse for the atrocious tribute dug up by the Guardian yesterday. Djorkaeff is best known here for bailing on the New York Red Bulls (then known as the Metrostars) to go to a World Cup match while claiming he had “unexpected, serious family matters” in France. Hanging with Carl Winslow and Stefan Urquelle is no excuse. Just ask Charles Barkley.

Those pants. Why don’t I have a pair of those? You know Carl Winslow would love to Boss Sauce in those pants. This video screams for a couple of Congolese backup dancers and Grace Jones. Like the Jason Kidd video posted earlier this week, Jerkoff’s video is bad but it still doesn’t beat Andy Cole’s Outstanding. This song and video were released in 2006. Could this have been the reason why he went AWOL? If so, the team should sue him immediately.

Former Wimbledon star and actor Vinnie Jones gets his ass handed to him in a bar fight and now this from Top of the Pops.

A couple questions. How can any debtor take Big Chris/Bullet Tooth (language NSFW) seriously after watching this? How far have you fallen as a backup singer when you’re backing up Vinnie Jones? It could be worse. He could be Ricky Hatton. Please don’t punch me, Vinnie. I heart the house slippers.

This has been around since the summer but it’s new to us. This must have been so much cooler in the summer when Matt Cassell was a high school starter. The last backup we saw kick it like this was Kyle Boller busting some moves for charity.

An anonymous source called this horrific. It’s so bad Emmitt Smith would probably start speaking the Queen’s English after watching it.

The ascent of Shane Falco and injured reserve have relegated Ravens backup QB Kyle Boller to has-been status. He’s probably played his last game in a Ravens uniform but that hasn’t stopped him getting his swerve on.

Boller was shakin’ that ass at the 2008 Gridiron Sing-Off which raises money for charity. It’s surprising that he didn’t fall over or fumble the mic. The rest of the Ravens gave the crowd their best (or worst depending how you feel about it). I suffered through it so why shouldn’t you?

Boyz II Men and Johnny Gill never sounded so good. Not good meaning good. Good meaning bad. Maybe I’d feel differently if someone dropped some Color Me Badd or Eddie Murphy.

Damn. Liverpool actually made another good signing. Hopes that last year’s signing of striker Fernando Torres was like a pig finding a truffle went out the window with today’s £20.3 million signing of striker Robbie Keane from Spurs. Grudgingly, I admit that this is a great capture for the fat Spanish waiter. However it’s not just because of his abilities on the field.

If Keane was around during the Craig Bellamy era, there wouldn’t have been unplanned golfing events and Liverpool might have been in Moscow instead of Chelsea. Then again he couldn’t have stopped Riise’s defection to Chelsea. Phil “Big Nose” Thompson knows.

Is That Hulk Rock? Well Turn It Up

Season by season, Manchester United striker Carlos Tevez comes closer to looking like Lou Ferrigno’s Incredible Hulk. Who knew Hulk sing?

The Sun caught Tevez singing on stage with the evil Bob Ross in Cordoba, Argentina. Evil Bob is going by the name of Juan Carlos Mona Jimenez.

You’re probably wondering how Hulk sound on mic. Hulk sing for you.