Let’s face it, Professional athletes are not the brightest bunch of people. Many of them come from dysfunction, and have successfully leveraged their unique abilities to create better lives for themselves, often at the expense of developing our talents and traits. Like successfully gauging the probability that someone would marry them for instance. Is that really a question you don’t want to know the answer to before you ask? Similar examples would be “Where are you going?” and “What’s my best friend doing with you in our bed, you whore!?”

Dallas Cowboys wideout Roy Williams has had trouble with relationships in the past. Equally important to note is that before he became a colossal bust for the Cowboys, he played for the Detroit Lions, so a $76,000 engagement ring is probably the closest he is going to get to any kind of ring for the rest of his career. Too bad, his side piece is pulling a CC Sabathia and refusing to give up what doesn’t belong to her.

Take a vow, ESPN:

Williams is suing a former girlfriend whom he proposed to this spring, according to a lawsuit obtained by the Odessa American on June 30.

The lawsuit says Williams, a native of Odessa, Texas, is trying to regain possession of a $76,000 engagement ring he sent — by mail — to Brooke Daniels, the 2009 Miss Texas USA, whom he dated for nearly a year.

Williams also sent Daniels $5,000 for school and dental bills, a baseball for her brother and a taped marriage proposal in February.

When Daniels declined to marry Williams, the lawsuit says she didn’t return the ring when he asked for it back. According to the lawsuit, Daniels said she lost the ring.

Honestly, who mails an engagement ring to someone? I am being serious. I’ve never walked down the aisle without a bun in the oven and a shotgun in my back.

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