Ah Vision Quest. No one had a clue that Matthew Modine would go on from there to even higher cinematical heights like Married to the Mob and Gross Anatomy. There would have been no Over The Top without Vision Quest. No Over The Top, No “Meet Me Halfway” by Kenny Loggins. The implications are frightening. Wrestling is what made Matthew Modine the massive star he is today. What? Massive. Obscure. Whatever. That’s neither here nor there. What’s important is that I didn’t see any butt draggin’ in Vision Quest and neither did the Fresno County district attorney.

Preston Hill is in trouble with the law after being charged with “using a wrestling move to sexually assault a teammate’. The movie is called the butt drag and it’s customarily used as retaliation if an opponent has wronged a teammate or isn’t moving during a match.

According to a police report, during a July practice Preston used a maneuver informally known as a “butt drag” — which involves grabbing the haunch of an opponent to gain leverage — to roughly and intimately assault a smaller, younger wrestler on his team in retaliation for a supposed affront.

Preston has denied attacking the younger boy, who is 14, telling the investigating officer that he was merely executing a common maneuver that “everyone does,” in order to “to motivate people who don’t move on the mats.”

Some people like getting a finger in the ass during sex but it’s probably not as enjoyable when it comes out of nowhere. It’s like sitting on a bike with a bike seat. Um … or so I’ve heard.

The police in Clovis, a middle-class enclave where wrestling is a proud tradition, say the case began over the summer. The 14-year-old accuser, who has not been identified, told the police that he had been “bullied by several students,” including Preston Hill, who, the younger boy said, had made a habit of taking his drinking water during practice.

On July 15, however, according to the younger boy’s account, he refused to hand his water over, prompting threats from Preston, including menacing gestures. The police report states that at a practice that evening, Preston purposefully stood near the younger boy during a wrestling exercise and, when the coach whistled for wrestling to begin, threw the younger boy down, pinned him to the mat and performed an invasive “butt drag” maneuver.

Listen up, kids. The next time someone tells you to pass the water, do it.