What you are looking at in the above picture is surfer Sterling Spencer talking on his cellphone while surfing a barrel.  Your move Joe Horn.

From Surfer Mag (check out the link if you want to see the video from the phone)

The Deuce happened upon these Jay Glazer tweet pics and just had to post for all to comment on them.  Look at those friggin outfits.  Wow.  Glazer and Payton were in the Orpheus Parade this year and these were their outfits for that gigantic spectacle and man they are loving it huh?  What is up with Sean Payton doing the metal devil horns sign, not very saintly.  Also, I’m not exactly sure why Glazer is there but I am sure the reason why he is holding the Super Bowl trophy is because Payton is enjoying a tasty po’ boy and needed some latcher-on to hold the trophy for the Super Bowl Champion.  The dialogue for this scenario in my head went something like this:

“Boy!  I say boy!  Hold this here trophy while I eat this sammich right here!  Yes that’s right, now….oh snap, camera,” coughs and emits a high pitched Iron Maiden-esque voice “METAL!!!!!”

Here’s some more Payton and Glazer

Glazer’s caption to this photo sheds a bit more light on who the heck these other guys are in the picture:

Riding in the orpheus parade today w sean payton, mickey loomis, pat green, bobby hebert. What an unbelievable party!

Again, sweet friggin outfits but seriously…why the heck is Jay Glazer there?  He’s no great New Orleans musician.  He didn’t win anything this year.  He isnt some great athlete from New Orleans’ past.   He is just a reporter…kinda/sorta.  And more devil horns or is he signing “love” all ‘gangsta’ style or somethin.  Too many questions, just enjoy the pictures.

It’s bad enough that the sky is about to drop a Kraken-sized snow deuce on the East Coast and trap people inside their homes or local bars. The resulting cabin fever will be made worse by the realization that football is over. My Sundays are now pointless save the occasional Sunday Chelsea match that I’ll be able to use as a reason to start a marathon drinking session early in the morning.

The New Orleans Saints and their fans lucky enough to be in New Orleans still get to celebrate a Super Bowl win and Mardi Gras at the same time. They need to make it count like the 1980 New Orleans Saints. They knew how to party like Pacman Jones.

… The big problem was drugs. Years later Don Reese, a defensive lineman, talked about it to Sports Illustrated. Reese and running back Chuck Muncie were free-basing cocaine in training camp. Four games into the season, Muncie was traded when Coach Dick Nolan realized he was bad news.

… “It was raining and no one was in a good mood, ” he said. “After practice, Don Reese comes in and starts talking about how some of the veterans weren’t doing their job. It didn’t sit well with [Derland] Moore. One thing led to another. Suddenly, I’m watching the kind of fight they must have had in those wild-west saloons. This one was in an NFL locker room, no helmets, no pads, just bare knuckles and plenty of rage.”

… “I never punched anyone harder in my life,” said Moore. “I seriously wanted to kill that man. I was punching him so hard in his face his head cocked back and hit the cinder-block wall. He just got up and shook it off. You don’t do that without being on something.”

Reese, who was suspended for the final four games, said, “they had to gang up on me to hold me down. I was hysterical. I couldn’t stop fighting. I wanted to kill Moore. It was my messed up mind doing it, because I actually liked Derland Moore.”

Now that’s how you party! From now on, that’s how you party! The 1980 Saints were freebasing and brawling while being epic losers. Just imagine the potential of the 2009 Saints. Super Bowl champions. Mardi Gras. Tom Benson should be on the phone to Sen. David Vitter demanding that he deliver the choicest hookers Louisiana has to offer. Delivering constituent services is just as important as servicing lobbyists. Who dat indeed.