When you get dumped, there are usually a few steps one goes through before they can get over being kicked to the curb.  Hell, most of these stages are the main reason why Facebook exists.  In any case, it is completely understandable why Dan Gilbert is struggling with losing LeBron.  And although five months have passed, he’s still not there yet.  The Five Stages of Getting Over Your Break-Up, applied to Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert: Read the rest of this entry

“Enhance.” “Enhance.” “Enhance.”

In between the blockbuster headlines made by the big Tyjuan Hagler and Martell Mallett signings, Bill Polian let the cat slip out of the bag: the NFL’s franchise owners are moving forward on a plan to play an 18 game season, perhaps as soon as 2012.  Upon first glance, this idea is incredibly exciting — professional football in February would be a godsend.  However, once you dig a little deeper, you realize the dream of an 18 game season is actually a frightening, money-grabbing nightmare. Read the rest of this entry