Fly Baby, Fly

This video is kinda trippy.  Here’s a helmet-cammed view of what its like parasailing on skis on a mountain range.  I can count about six times where I would’ve died had it been me up there.

Wheelchair Double Back Flip

Your chance to catch a glimpse at the future of the X Games after enough spinal injuries happen. ITS EXTREME WHEELCHAIR!  Actually, if its the X Games, they’d probably name it like X-WHEELIE STREET VERT or something impossibly stupid like that. Nevertheless, flipping that heavy ass chair around twice is pretty impressive. Also impressive, this has never been done before. Watch Aaron Fotheringham flip it.

Snowboarder Buried

The snowboarder in the below video is one lucky guy.  He decided to put a helmet cam on before his big run on Slovakia’s High Tatra mountains and good thing he did because he captured himself getting swallowed up and dragged along by an avalanche.  Its awesome to watch and its made even better because the dude actually is quite fine after it all.  No random horrific violence at all, how about that?  Not that he doesn’t come close to having this classified as a horrific violence video, check out how close he comes to biting it big time when he almost gets smashed up against a bunch of jagged rocks.  Insane footage.

Note…that is just a picture of a guy with snow on him, not actually the guy in the video.