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This has been around since the summer but it’s new to us. This must have been so much cooler in the summer when Matt Cassell was a high school starter. The last backup we saw kick it like this was Kyle Boller busting some moves for charity.

An anonymous source called this horrific. It’s so bad Emmitt Smith would probably start speaking the Queen’s English after watching it.

Ricky Hatton Fights Donerkabobs And Loses

Vacation sure has been treating The Hitman well. He’s on vacation in Turkey and apparently spending his time singing karaoke while inhaling donerkabobs and chicken adana. Don’t worry, Citeh fans. He always does this before he starts training. He’ll be in fight shape by November.

You’re probably wondering if he’s any good at karaoke. We don’t have any Turkish footage but we do have him doing Elvis. You probably want to turn it down and move your shorties and pets away from the speakers.

Good thing he fights better than he sings.

Damn. Liverpool actually made another good signing. Hopes that last year’s signing of striker Fernando Torres was like a pig finding a truffle went out the window with today’s £20.3 million signing of striker Robbie Keane from Spurs. Grudgingly, I admit that this is a great capture for the fat Spanish waiter. However it’s not just because of his abilities on the field.

If Keane was around during the Craig Bellamy era, there wouldn’t have been unplanned golfing events and Liverpool might have been in Moscow instead of Chelsea. Then again he couldn’t have stopped Riise’s defection to Chelsea. Phil “Big Nose” Thompson knows.

The Coup De Grâce

Best! Yeah! Enjoy your favorite French Open players doing karaoke.

Nadal without his unitard and manpris? I’m not sure which way is up or down anymore. What I don’t know makes me nervous.

Randy Says Straight Cash Homey

This video’s two years old so it might have been posted somewhere else but it’s new to us. Tom Brady, Doug Flutie and Matt Light were doing it for charity. Eli could learn a thing or none from this.

It definitely has to be the money.