snoringmSleep is my most favorite part of my day. I work hard and at the end of a busy day I just love crawling into my bed, cuddle up with a nice book or cocoon myself in my blankets if I’m really tired and pass out into dreams of sweet nothing. I’m the kind of person who likes to be warm, comfortable, submerged in darkness and most importantly, I like silence. Sometimes I’ll put on some soft music if I’m having a hard time sleeping or some white noise but there is always one thing that is certain to ruin any chance of sweet dreams: snoring.

Personally, I don’t snore but I have family members who do. It’s the worst thing when you are just about to fall asleep and suddenly you are jolted awake by what sounds like a seal dying. Or a troll throwing up. Honestly, it’s one of the weirdest and most obnoxious sounds ever. In this situation, something needs to be done and that’s when I started looking into anti-snoring mouthpieces.

There are nasal strips and cones as well as chin straps and other interesting devices but for the people I know who snore it is more than a congestion thing. It’s more than a lifestyle thing. They just snore.

So during my research I came across this little gem: The Good Morning Snore Solution anti-snore mouthpiece (it was at this snoring mouthpiece site).

It seems a bit like all the others out there so I took a closer look at what exactly it does and what it offers.

First off, the price is really good. When you purchase an anti-snoring mouthpiece you are going to have to accept the fact that you will need to replace it ever four months or so for hygienic reasons. Remember, this is something you’ll have crammed in your mouth for 8 or more hours a day. It’s going to get gnawed on and drooled all over which will eventually compromise the product no matter what it’s made of. The Good Morning Snore Solution realizes this and has been able to make a product that won’t make you cringe when you need to replace it.

The Good Morning Snore Solution also comes with a pretty awesome starter package when you buy it. It comes ready to use so you don’t have to disinfect it if you don’t want to. I know some people like to just to be safe. It’s super easy to clean and comes with its own anti-bacterial case. This is definitely really nice because some of the cheaper ones just come in a plastic bag and then what do you really do with it when you aren’t using it? By coming with a case and hygienically wrapped and sealed you don’t have much to worry about when you go to use it. You can keep it by your bedside or maybe in your bathroom for easy cleaning and you don’t have to be concerned it’s going to get covered in germs.

It works by pushing out the lower jaw to force the airway open and allow you to breathe better at night. This is a key element for people who snore because for the most part they do so because their airways are blocked. The Good Morning Snore Solution also has openings in the front of the mouthpiece itself so you don’t have to rely on breathing through your nose. Some mouthpieces are a solid piece of plastic that don’t give you much of a choice when you want to breathe while you sleep. This is especially frustrating if you have nasal issues or you are sick and want to use your mouthpiece. The Good Morning Snore Solution combats that issue and allows you to keep breathing like usual.

Of all the products I’ve looked at this one definitely take the cake. I would recommend it to anyone who likes their peace and quiet.

  • Posted on 20. July 2015
  • Written by thedeuce
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2 responses to Gimme Some Relief

  1. Enchong Lee on July 15, 2016 at 5:22 am Reply

    I guess this is the product that’ll find me some relief. I have been reading reviews about Good Morning Snore Solution and everything seems perfect about it. It costs reasonably, too.

  2. Rey Carter on July 21, 2016 at 4:59 pm Reply

    Sleep is very important and I miss it! I have been having a hard time getting enough sleep and I think it’s my snoring that causing it. I gotta try using a mouthpiece for it. If others are able to get used to it, I’ll probably get used to it as well.

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